Where the Stars Align
woman riding bike along beach path on sunny day with clear skies

SoCal, So Perfect

As a quintessential partner for the emerging sounds of spring, Southern California is the idyllic destination to revel in the sun. The only thing better than the glorious sunshine is the Pacific playground it illuminates. From the beaches to the vibrant city streets, it’s like living in a movie.

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woman in red bathing suit lounging on round black chaise

Los Angeles

You can lay on the beach and look up at the stars. Or you might just glimpse one walking down the street. From the Super Bowl to a never-ending string of concerts, museums, and life-changing culinary experiences, your L.A. getaway is what you make it.

father pouring syrup on breakfast for child

Orange County

This laid-back SoCal destination has something for all ages. Disneyland® Resort is always an adventure. The hiking is always breathtaking. The shopping and dining are eclectic and fun. And the extraordinary beaches are the center of the surfing universe.

man sitting in sand on beach with two bikes in background

San Diego

San Diego is a cultural melting pot bubbling with a friendly, relaxed vibe. Gorgeous weather all year helps, too. Whether you come for world-class beaches, sidewalk strolls through Old Town, or the Gaslight Quarter, every day is a memory waiting to be made.

two men sipping on drinks at pool edge

Palm Springs

Looking for an upscale escape that brings peaceful relaxation against a backdrop of stunning beauty? In the picturesque Sonoran Desert, framed by palm trees and mountains, Palm Springs offers unmatched resort, spa, and golfing experiences.

woman standing on beach at sunset

Santa Barbara

The sea and the mountains come together in Santa Barbara, just 90 miles north of Los Angeles. From the valleys and vineyards to the distinctly SoCal neighborhoods, there’s so much to explore. Eat, drink, and breath in deeply. Savor the sweet, salty Pacific experience.