two people skiing down mountain while the sun sets
father and child high-fiving on skis
woman standing on side of mountain
two people snowmobiling on mountain
two people clinking mugs together
three people sitting around fireplace and drinking wine
It’s Mountain Time
person skiing down mountain

Make fresh tracks

Experience new slopes and new sights in incredible mountain destinations. Our U.S. and Canada hotels and ski resorts offer you the opportunity to enjoy the snow season like never before.

Ski Experience

child wearing green jacket and pants while skiing down mountain

Go at the Speed of Joy

Every skier has the perfect run in mind. And whether that’s a near vertical Black Diamond descent, or a gentle Green Circle glide, we can give you easy access to the slopes that make you happiest.

two people hiking through snow trail

Make an Impression — On Yourself

If you like to hike, then snowshoeing will open up a whole new dimension for you. Just put on a pair and discover winter trails you never knew existed. And get a great workout at the same time.

two people riding on snowmobile

The Road Less Travelled

Getting around by snowmobile gives you the opportunity to see your destination that’s definitely off the beaten path. Whether you go for a tour, or you go just for fun, you’ll be able to appreciate the backcountry like never before.

father handing child a smore

Time to Accumulate Memories

Dramatic mountain destinations, and the activities they offer, provide the perfect backdrop for gathering with family and friends. We’ll help you find a blazing fire pit, or a cozy corner, that you’ll want to return to every year to make more memories.

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Fun is On The Ascent

After you’ve been up and down the mountain all day, we can help you find your level of excitement. And if that means something low-key like craft beers with friends where you can relive the day's adventures, or a thumping club scene where you do more smiling than speaking, we’ve got you covered.