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City Lights & Autumn Sights
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We Love New York in the Fall

Fall is the beginning of a magical time in New York City. From the colorful foliage of Central Park to colorful culture in all five boroughs, enjoy the best of the city amid autumn’s cool, comfortable temperatures. For Halloween, Thanksgiving and all the way through New Year’s Eve, the city comes alive with endless celebrations, highlighted by the world famous Thanksgiving Day Parade. The world’s greatest city is on full display for you.

NYC Neighborhoods

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Central Park

Central Park in autumn is a kaleidoscope of color. Take a leisurely stroll along scenic paths, or rent a rowboat and paddle across the lake. Visit Bethesda Fountain, where you can admire the intricate sculpture of Angel of the Waters. Feeling adventurous? Go for a hike up to Belvedere Castle, where you'll enjoy stunning views of the city. As you leave the park, be sure to stop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Guggenheim.

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Times Square

Times Square is a must-visit for any NYC traveler, whether it’s your first visit or you’ve been here more times than you can count. This iconic intersection is known for bright lights, Broadway shows, and street performers. Walk down the famous red stairs or glimpse the stars as they make their way to the theater. From a hot dog at Gray’s Papaya to a more elegant meal at Marea, you’re never far from a memorable culinary experience.

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NoMad to The Village

NoMad – NYC speak for North of Madison Square Park – is revived and reinvented, full of trendy restaurants and night spots. In the park, you never know what events and art exhibits you’ll stumble upon. Nearby neighborhoods like Chelsea, Hudson Yards, and SoHo are always worth a look. And of course, you’ll want to visit The Village. With its bohemian atmosphere, historic architecture, and vibrant arts scene, you’ll see why it’s long been a favorite of writers, poets, and musicians.

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Lower Manhattan & FiDi

Lower Manhattan is where New York City began, and it remains the heart of the city. In the Financial District, beneath towering skyscrapers, traverse the cobblestone paths of Stone Street, savoring artisanal cuisine amidst a charming colonial backdrop. Pay your respects at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, and then head to Battery Park to look out across the water for inspiring views of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

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Brooklyn is a borough steeped in character and charm, begging to be explored. Soak up skyline views from the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Wander the cultural mosaic of Williamsburg, where vibrant street art and artisanal boutiques flourish. Prospect Park, a lush urban oasis, invites leisurely strolls beneath the emerald canopy. Taste the diverse culinary wonders of Smorgasburg, an open-air food lover's paradise every weekend. And you can’t leave town without savoring a slice of authentic New York pizza in a cozy corner pizzeria.

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Hudson River Waterfront

Cross the Hudson River from Manhattan into New Jersey to explore even more autumn excitement. Visit the charming waterfront town of Hoboken, where the historic Lackawanna Terminal and scenic waterfront parks offer delightful views of the Manhattan skyline. The Palisades Interstate Park provides hiking trails and stunning vistas along the cliffs. In Jersey City, Liberty State Park offers tranquility and a poignant stop at the Empty Sky Memorial.