two kids jumping into pool with noodles tied around waist
family of three eating large pizza slices
mother and daughter on side of ferry boat overlooking new york city skyline
Family Friendliest
father sitting at pool edge smiling at two daughters

It's Better Together

There’s nothing quite as special as family time. And our resorts and properties offer you a multitude of ways to get together. With so many family-friendly properties across the U.S. and Canada, you’re sure to find the perfect place to spend time together.

Family Experiences

group of kids sitting in circle poolside laughing and eating red popsicles

Serious Kids Stuff

To keep the little ones happy, and to give you a break from keeping your eye on them, many of our resorts and properties have Kids Clubs. Just drop them off and do your thing for a couple of hours, we’ve got lots of games and activities to keep them smiling.

family biking through trail in between trees

So Easy to Enjoy

Want to see the sights but are unsure of the logistics? Let us do the planning. We have specially designed family-themed tours and activities that let you and your family enjoy your destination with ease.

little kid smiling at camera with stack of pancakes on the table

Wake Up and Fuel Up

Many of our properties offer free breakfasts or special breakfast packages. So before your family heads out for the day you can be sure they’ll all be able to get the things they need to keep them going, even if that’s just a hot cup of coffee for you.

woman laying on surfboard pretending to paddle with a laptop open and placed on board

This is Device Paradise

From the moment you check in, your family will enjoy free wi-fi. And whatever device they prefer, your family will be able to do all the posting, texting, surfing, and even working, that they want.

dog laying under a blanket with head poking out

Room for Pets

We know that some family members have four legs, and a family vacation wouldn’t be the same without them. Choose one of our pet-friendly properties for your next getaway so every family member can join in the fun.