A Modern Mosaic. A Timeless Town.
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Savor Boston’s Boundless Spirit

A typical travel guide will draw you a map of historic sites to see in Boston. And you should see them. Yet Boston today is so much more. It’s a collection of diverse, colorful, creative neighborhoods that come together to define a place that stands shoulder to shoulder with the world’s greatest cities. Whatever your traveler’s heart craves, you can find it here. Whether you come for a relaxing winter excursion, a ballgame at Fenway Park or a spring break pub crawl, you can fill each moment with wonder and laughter and discovery. We’ll show you the way.

Boston Experience

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Nestled along the waterfront, you’ll know Seaport by its sleek modern architecture and its youthful energy. Explore the cutting-edge exhibits at the Institute of Contemporary Art. Stroll the Harborwalk to enjoy some seaside serenity, or indulge in culinary delights at one of Seaport’s delectable seafood restaurants – we recommend the lobster rolls at Row 34. From trendy boutiques to rooftop bars, Seaport embodies the city's contemporary spirit, making it a must-visit for those who want to experience modern Boston firsthand.

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Downtown & The Theater District

Boston's Downtown and Theater District form the beating heart of the city's cultural scene. Immerse yourself in history at the Boston Common, the nation's oldest public park, before stepping into the Theater District, home to iconic venues like the Boston Opera House. Discover the vibrant nightlife or catch a world-class performance at the Boston Ballet. Whether you're savoring gourmet cuisine or exploring historic landmarks like the Massachusetts State House, you’ll treat yourself to an unforgettable blend of past and present.

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Cross the Charles River into Cambridge, where academia meets eclectic charm. Home to Harvard University and MIT, this neighborhood is equal parts intellectual and artistic. Visit Harvard Square's bookstores and cafes, explore the Harvard Art Museums, or enjoy a leisurely afternoon along the Charles River Esplanade. With its tree-lined streets and historic architecture, this neighborhood invites you to wander and wonder at every turn.

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Back Bay

With its iconic brownstone-lined streets and upscale boutiques, Back Bay is a testament to Boston's timeless elegance. Explore the picturesque Public Garden or shop along Newbury Street, known for its high-end fashion and charming cafes. Admire the architectural beauty of Copley Square, dominated by the historic Trinity Church and the Boston Public Library. Back Bay is a haven for art enthusiasts, with the Museum of Fine Arts showcasing an extensive collection from various periods. 

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North End

North End is a historic enclave with an Italian flair. Immerse yourself in the Old World ambiance as you explore the Freedom Trail, passing landmarks like Paul Revere's House and the Old North Church. Treat your taste buds in the neighborhood's renowned Italian restaurants. Try Giulia for traditional dishes with a modern twist. From the bustling Hanover Street to the scenic waterfront, the North End is a delight for every one of your senses.

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Greater Boston Metro

Beyond urban Boston lies a collection of New England towns that offer easy city proximity on top of their own unique charms. In Medford, the Tufts University Art Gallery is a cultural gem. Arts lovers should also check out Davis Square in Somerville. It’s packed with galleries, street art and performance venues. If you’re west of town, spend a few hours at Newton Centre Green, where small-town warmth yields to nature’s wonder. Or drive to Watertown’s Arsenal Yards, a shopping and dining destination filled with unique places to explore.

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Brookline & Cleveland Circle

Discover the leafy charm of Brookline and Cleveland Circle, offering a suburban retreat nestled within the city. Explore Coolidge Corner’s independent bookstores and cozy cafes. Wander through Olmsted Park or visit the John F. Kennedy National Historic Site. Cleveland Circle pulses with youthful energy, a hub for students and locals alike, all flocking to its casual eateries and lively pubs.